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Balloon is a side-scroll adventure puzzle game with funny characters, tight controls and a 16-bit retro style. You play as Balloon, a treasure hunter that after a life of adventure was relaxing alongside his inseparable buddy Moonkey, and the last big treasure they found: The legendary treasure of the not so legendary pirate Graze Beard! Unfortunately for our heroes, a shady character also wanted the treasure for himself. Balloon's evil and jealous twin brother: Loon. Suddenly the not so arduously discovered treasure vanishes and our intrepid friends have no choice but to go after Loon and get back everything he took.

  • Several powers and skills
  • 100+ stages through 6 worlds + secret stages
  • 11+ incredible boss battles
  • Spectacular 8-bit soundtrack
  • Numerous easter eggs and references to 80's and 90's classic games

Published Dec 03, 2016
StatusIn development